Burn for Burn


“Bad things can happen, even to good girls, and sometimes the only way to make things
right, is to do something wrong…”

Genre: Contemporary young adult with a hint of supernatural

Rating: 3.5 stars

I have been on a Jenny Han binge for the last few months – finishing both The Summer I turned pretty and To all the boys I’ve loved before trilogies in a matter of weeks. So naturally Burn for Burn was on the top of my TBR pile. I haven’t read anything by Siobhan Vivian before, but she’s definitely on my radar now.

Burn for burn is all about revenge. Set in your classic (stereotypical) American high school, three female protagonists, Lillia, Kat and Mary have all been wronged. They band together to seek revenge on the people who have hurt them.

The book moves between the three girls POVs, which I love. It gives a story so much more depth and allows the reader to see through an unreliable narrator. In Burn for Burn, the three voices are strong and distinct. There’s nothing worse than reading a book where all the characters merge into one! I found all three girls likeable and wanted them to get their revenge on those who hurt them.

Burn for burn ends on a cliff-hanger, setting up for the next book in the series. I wasn’t expecting so much information to be held back and was immediately scouring my favourite bookstores for Fire with fire, the next book in the trilogy. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I would recommend this book as an easy and fun summer read 🙂

*This book contains triggers – sexual assault, fat shaming, eating disorders.*

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