What to buy your book loving friend (that isn’t a book!)

So you want to buy your book-addicted friend a birthday/Christmas/Easter/’just because’ gift, but they already have a million books on their TBR pile and their bookshelf is already two deep? Helpful hint – DON’T buy them a book voucher! It’s boring and no-one gets excited opening that gift!


I’m here to help you find a unique gift that won’t have them yawning or asking for the receipt because ‘they already read it’.

Book-themed tote bags 

I am a firm believer that one can never have too many tote bags (my partner would definitely disagree). I have a drawer dedicated to totes (in my partner’s wardrobe so that may explain why he’s so against this addiction?)


Totes are the perfect gift for a book lover. They’re great for carrying books in! And they’re great for the environmentally-conscious who don’t want to accept a bag at their local bookstore (that paper bag could be used to make more books!)They’re also super cute! You can get ones with their favourite book on the front, or a quote from their favourite author. There are also generic ones like the one my friend gave me (pictured below).

My cute tote

Where to buy:

  • Your local bookstore – My fave is Dymocks!
  • When travelling (many souvenir stores sell totes so it’s a perfect gift that they won’t find anywhere else)
  • Etsy or websites – my ‘go to’ is Nook and Burrow

Bookish pins 

These are such a cute and affordable gift. They’re especially good if you are determined to buy your friend a voucher but want to add a little extra. The market is saturated with adorable book pins, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one!

My pin collection!

Where to buy:

A book event or writers festival pass

I know I’d love an all-expenses paid pass to the Melbourne Writers Festival! This is a gift that depends on your loved one’s location. Many cities run literary/writers festivals – why not check to see if your recipient’s favourite author is coming to town!


Book-themed candles 

What book-addicted person doesn’t want their home smelling like a dusty bookshelf? Or an enchanted library? Bookish candles are the perfect gift. They’re not only fun and decorative, but they’re useful as well! One can never have too many candles. My favourite bookish candle is Lara Jean’s love letters, inspired by To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. It is bright pink and smells delicious!

Lara Jean’s love letters candle from Spark and Sparrow

Where to buy:

Tea and accessories 

Is there anything better than sitting in a comfy chair, sipping a cup of tea and reading a good book? Absolutely not! Tea is a fantastic gift for your bookish friend as one can ever have too much tea in their cupboard! You could also find fancy tea sets or bookish tea strainers to add to the gift.


This gift can also benefit you – you never know when your friend might invite you over for a cup of tea and some baked goods!

My gorgeous tea set from Kikki.k

Where to buy:

  • Tea stores – my favourite is T2, they have so many different flavours and gorgeous tea sets and accessories!
  • Gift stores – My fave is Kikki.k
  • Etsy or websites – Nook and Burrow sells Bookish teas!


2 thoughts on “What to buy your book loving friend (that isn’t a book!)

  1. Everything listed here is such a cool idea! I gave a friend a tote bag once and she still uses it. Candles, pins and tea are great gifts as well!


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