Aurora Rising review

This review DOESN’T contain any spoilers

Genre: YA Sci-Fi

Rating: 5 stars

I received an uncorrected proof copy of Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman as a raffle prize at YA Day 2019. On the plus side, I was stoked to win! But, to be honest, I was disappointed. Aurora Rising is Sci-Fi – and I have zero interest in that genre. I was sorely tempted to ask my friend to swap her prize (Four Dead Queensby Astrid Scholt) with me, but she was excited by her prize and I knew the answer would be a polite NO. It didn’t help that the book was ginormous and would probably take ages to read!


Making the best of the situation, I got it signed by Jay and Amie, took it home, put it on my shelf and resolved to leave it there.

It never rains, but pours! Soon after, I received ANOTHER copy of the book – an advanced reader copy – as a costume prize at the Four Dead Queens launch. I sacrificed this one in a giveaway on my Instagram. What’s the point in having two copies of a book I was never going to read? But I guess it should have been taken as a sign that I was meant to read this book.

Weeks passed and the book sat on my shelf, unread and unloved. Then, The YA Room announced Aurora Rising as their book of the month. Reluctantly, I retrieved it from its spot and cracked it open, telling myself I’d just read a chapter or two and, if I really didn’t like it, I could return it to its designated place on my shelf.


I read it in two days and loved EVERY single word! I would have read it faster if I hadn’t had work and Uni taking up my valuable reading time! It was incredible! I laughed, I awed, I held my breath as the characters risked their lives, I cried for them and cried with them. Now I’m desperate to know what happens next!


Man, can Jay and Amie write! Every character has distinct personalities and depth. The story was told from seven different characters’ points of view, each with a unique perspective. Despite the potential complexity, it was always clear whose eyes we were looking through. I loved all the main characters, but I related most to Scarlett – a sassy, flirty girl with a lot of love to give.

I’ve definitely eaten my words and my preconceived prejudice against Sci-Fi and can’t wait for the next book in the Aurora Cycle to be released! I definitely must read more of Jay and Amie’s work too!

Aurora Rising is now number one on my list of recommendations.

Me looking lovingly at my copy of Aurora Rising

Have you read Aurora Rising? Let me know in the comments what you thought! And if you have any Sci-Fi recommendations for me, pop them in there too!

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