Introverts Night Out

The YA Room held another amazing event on Saturday night – an Introverts Night Out PJ party! I bought my ticket as soon as they were available!

To state the obvious, a PJ party means wearing your pyjamas! After much deliberation, I settled on wearing my Eeyore onesie.

Shaun and I hugging in our onesies (photo by The YA Room)

The night started off with everyone standing around in pyjamas, munching on snacks (lovingly prepared by Bianca) and chatting. Then the team opened the doors and the night truly began.

First up was a raffle – I didn’t win. I felt like I was at the Oscars, losing my nominated category but faking a smile and clapping the winners.


Author readings

Next were readings by the incredibly talented authors who made themselves available to hang out with a bunch of fan kids!

Michael Pryor was up first and started by saying “there’s something special about being in a room with like-minded people”, before having us all in fits of laughter as he told us his wife was confused as to why the iron was out. He’d told her “I had to iron my pyjamas!” for the event. The laughing didn’t stop as he gave a sneak-peak reading of Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town (not yet released). Halfway through, he paused to admire a semi-colon he’d used. “I love a semi-colon!” I can totally relate!

Michael Pryor talking about ironing his PJs

Next up was Jodi McAlister, who commenced telling us how she’s convinced she met a real-life fairy while travelling in Inverness, Scotland. Then she read a hilarious scene from her novel, Valentine. Valentine will be at the top of my TBR!

Jodi McAlister thinking about the time she met a fairy

Astrid Scholt read a passage from her debut novel – my favourite read so far this year – Four Dead Queens. She told us she had vowed never to read the finished book as she knew she would pick up mistakes and be miserable about them. Instead, she read from an older version.

Astrid Scholt getting into character


After a snack break, we headed back into the room for trivia!

We formed groups of three and got ready to compete! My team named themselves Shaun’s Army (Harry Potter reference there if you didn’t catch it). We were advised that if we used Shaun’s name, we would win best team name. Donald Trump couldn’t have been more misleading – we did NOT win. Something to do with Sarah and Bianca being ‘offended’. Unbelievable!


There were three rounds – ‘name that villain’, ‘adaptations’ and ‘first lines’. Sad to admit it, but I was useless! Mostly because 90% of the questions were based on YA fantasies that I have almost zero knowledge of! (I blame Shaun for only reading Fantasy!)

I did well in the last round though! I knew the first lines of Valentine, Four Dead Queens and Gap Year in Ghost town. And just as well because, after each round, we had to swap answers with another team to have them checked.  We swapped with the author team! It would have been very embarrassing if we’d got those answers wrong!

So did we win? I think you already can guess the sad answer to that.

Me when I didn’t win 

Ask me anything panel

To finish the night, Astrid, Jodi and Michael did an ‘ask me anything’ panel. They were asked if they read reviews.

Jodi – No

Astrid – Not anymore

Michael – I try not to. I can’t help it sometimes.

I had to ask if they do reviews. Michael said he leaves 3-word reviews that really get to the point. Astrid confessed to being too generous with her reviews because the writers “worked so hard. I can’t give a bad review.” She also said her partner is really stingy with 5 stars and she hates it.

After the panel finished, I got my books signed (of course) and had a chat with the authors. I changed out of my PJs to catch the tram home. I’m just not confident enough to wear an Eeyore onesie on public transport!

It was an amazing night and I had so much fun!

Me, Elle and Kat looking cute in our PJs (photo by The YA Room)


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